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Donkey Wood Round

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Donkey wood Round - This one is available and can be customized with your favorite saying name. 

I have other donkey images available. Please request. 

This wood round uses DTF. A simple explanation is that its a print that uses a special ink. You will be able to feel this image on the wood. 

These make a great decoration for your home or as a gift. 

 ****Please note that all our wood rounds are made by Broken Vessel Creations. They are made to order and each one is unique with slight differences using high quality materials. They are made with vinyl not painted.  Occasionally, the color of the wood round can be different depending on the wood. Knots and markings in the wood differs with each wood round and we cannot guarantee the wood. ****

Remember, that we can create just about anything you like, so feel free to request a custom order with any color or quote. Message us for questions.